Students with additional needs


Special Education Unit (SLC)

The Special Education Unit (SLC) at Dakabin State High School provides social and academic support for ascertained students.  The Unit specialises in the areas of Intellectual Impairment (II) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  This Specialist Education Facility also has expertise in the area of Speech Language Impairment (SLI).

The SLC performs the role of curriculum development and modification as well as implementating the school's inclusion program.  We offer specialist courses in socialisation, mathematics, remedial reading, working literacy and school to work transition.  The use of Community Access Programs is central to the teaching of personal independence, social studies, behaviour modification and social inclusion.

The SLC in consultation with teachers from other faculties and parents, is responsible for the formulation of the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Educational Adjustment Program (EAP).  These working documents are central to the educational program for ascertained students and as such are the major role of our Faculty.  We consult widely with Advisory Visiting Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Guidance Officers and other specialist services, both within Education Queensland and externally.

The SLC is staffed by specialist teachers in the area of Special Education and supporting Teacher Aides. The staff of the Unit undergo constant enhancement of their teaching qualifications and professional development in the areas of literacy, inclusive education for ASD students and behaviour modification.  The Teacher Aides in the faculty have attained academic qualifications in the form of Certificate III in Education Support and undergo continuous professional development.  Through the use of Advisory Visiting Teachers and specialist Speech Therapists the SLC is able to implement and monitor student's Individual Education Programs and also maximise inclusive teaching principles.

The goal of the SLC is to enable ascertained students to attend our school in an inclusive manner and to access lifelong learning and to maximise their academic and social outcomes.  Our major role is to enable these students to access all the facilities and opportunities that our educational system provides to all students.

International Student Enrolment

Dakabin State High School is proud to offer to students whose native language is not English, a unit specifically designed to help them transition into life in Australia. 

Dakabin's English as an Alternative Language/Dialect (EAL/D) Unit offers high school English language learners a supportive and nurturing environment as the student improves language proficiency and transitions through their education.

Dakabin State High School is proud to have a large mix of cultures and languages. Each EAL/D student adds to the  school's energetic learning community.

To enrol a student whose native language is not English, contact us at Dakabin State High School for more information.


Last reviewed 01 December 2020
Last updated 01 December 2020