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Representative Sport

​With regard to representative sport, there is a process by which individual students can self-nominate to attempt to achieve their highest level of representation in school sport. Generally speaking, most sports that hold a state championship through Queensland School Sport (QSS) will hold trials that start at the district (Pine Rivers) level. For example, if your student wishes to aspire to represent the Metropolitan North Region in U15 girls’ basketball at the Queensland School Sport State Championships, they must do a trial at the district level and be selected to represent the Pine Rivers District.
Prior to being approved to attend a district trial, students must see the sports coordinator to receive a form that will require the student to gain teacher approval.  Notices for district trials are posted on the HPE staffroom noticeboard at the Hall, are posted in the daily notices which are read out to form classes, and are available on the Pine Rivers District website.
Once a student has qualified to represent the district, they will be given information from that district convenor/coach regarding when the Metropolitan North (regional trial) will be. Information on all regional trials is available at the Metropolitan North Sport website.  Simply go to that website, under sports, and select the sport you wish to enquire about.
  1. Sometimes, depending upon the popularity of the sport, the student will need to simply approach the sports co-ordinator at the school (Leslie Jones) and she will gather the necessary information/background information from them and forward it to the appropriate district coach/convenor. Whether or not there is a district trial prior to the regional (Metropolitan North Trial), it is up to the student to see the sports co-ordinator about filling in the appropriate paperwork and gaining the necessary signatures. The process is this:
  2. Student makes themself aware that there is an upcoming trial which they are interested in attending (through notices, calendar posted at the Hall and the district and regional websites). It is important that the student be proficient in the sport and realise that there are commitments necessary (both time and financial), once they have dedicated themselves to the process.
  3. Student approaches the sports co-ordinator and acquires a form which requires them to gain signatures and comments from the majority of their classroom teachers. They then return this form (half sheet, apricot in colour) to the sports co-ordinator who, upon satisfactory results, will issue the student with a package of forms (blue—Availability for Selection) which an attached pink half sheet, and if appropriate, a white District Trials information sheet.
  4. It is at this stage that the student takes ownership and responsibility for getting these blue forms signed and filled in at home by themselves and parents/caregivers. As quickly as possible, the student is to take the pink and blue forms (retaining the white form for information purposes) to the student desk. All going well, they will receive the blue package of forms back in their form class the next morning. At any time if the student is unsure of the process of getting their forms back (signed by the principal), they are to see Mrs Jones at the Hall.
  5. The student MUST find their own transport to the district trial (if one is being held), and they MUST take their blue package of forms with them. At that stage, if they are asked to continue on at the Metropolitan North Regional trial, the coach/convenor of the district trial will retain their forms.
  6. Students are also responsible for transport to and from the regional (Metropolitan North) trial.
  7. If the student is successful in making it to the next level, as a representative of Metropolitan North at the Queensland School Sport state championships, the onus is on them and their family to be committed to the time and date commitments, as well as being financially responsible for all costs. If it looks like finances are going to be a problem, the student/family is strongly encouraged to contact the sports co-ordinator and/or principal regarding the possibility of financial assistance, which may be possible through the regional sport office.