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Charlie O'Bree
My name is Charlie O'Bree and I am the School Chaplain at Dakabin State High School. I am employed by Scripture Union QLD, which is an interdenominational Christian organization. Chaplaincy operates under guidelines set by the Education Department and is overseen by a Local Chaplaincy Committee which comprises of members from Scripture Union, the school and the local church community. I work at Dakabin 3 1/2 days a week and am located across from the Music Block.
My role in the school is to:
  • Provide pastoral care for students and staff
  • Work with and complement existing school support services
  • Encourage students who want to know more about Christianity
  • Offer support to families
  • Liaise between school and churches
  • Help develop leadership skills with students
  • Run programs that aim to help the social, emotional, spiritual, ethical and moral development of students.

Chaplaincy programs containing religious or spiritual content
World views and ethics discussion
This program takes place one lunch break per week. The aim of it is to help senior students wrestle with ethical issues  critically as well as develop their own logical  world view. This program is not trying to push any particular world view but it is trying to get students to think through what they believe and why and weather that is consistent with their actions. In the hope that students will be able to critically decide for themselves what they believe rather than just absorbing the belief system of pop culture. The Christian world view is a part of this discussion in an open honest way but alongside other valid world views such as atheism and humanism. The program is run by the Chaplain and a Local youth Pastor from Pine Rivers Church of Christ. We explore questions like, Are people inherently valuable? Is so Why? What are Australian values? How should Australians respond to refuges? Should Marijuana be legalised? What is multiculturalism, can it work? Is there Absolut truth? Along with many others. This program is for students of any race, culture, religion or world view.
Drop in Centre
This program takes place on a single lunch time most weeks. The aim of this program is to give students a space to relax at lunch time as well as connect with some positive role modules from a local church. The volunteers from North Pine Anglican church have a heart to see young people grow, find meaning and purpose in life and make it through the tough times in life. They do this through building relationships with the students in this space and becoming another positive person (outside the school system) in the students life. As part of encouraging the students and helping them think through life’s meaning and their purpose, sometimes their youth pastor will lead a reflection or give a short talk on a particular aspect of Christianity.
Christianity Explained
This program is run by the school chaplain and is designed for students who specifically want to understand what Christianity is, who is Jesus and what is in the Bible. It is open to anyone of any race, culture, religion or world view who is interested in this exploration.
If you wish to have more information about these specific programs please contact me, the details are written below.
Another large part of my role also is to be involved school camps, excursions, and other special events within the school.
All pastoral care provided by the Chaplaincy is confidential except if I am made aware of issues of child protection or a student at significant risk of harm.
The Chaplaincy Program is a completely voluntary program, no student is forced to see the chaplain. Any student or parent may refuse to see the chaplain for support at any time.
If you have any complaints or problems with the chaplaincy program please contact the Deputy Principal Paul Penny.
The School Chaplaincy Program is partly funded by the Federal Governments NSCSWP funding and the local community.
Contact Charlie at Dakabin SHS on (07) 3491 5428 or or