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General Information For Parents


Contacting students during school hours

There are no phones in classrooms nor a PA System.
All arrangements need to be made at home before student leaves for school. Students are involved in a wide variety of activities around the facilities and it is often not possible to contact them.
Please note there are no Public Phones available for Students to use in the School.
If there is an emergency and you need to contact a student immediately, contact the school and we may be able to arrange for the student to have a message delivered to them or instruct them to come to the office.

Change of details

We need to keep your details up to date so that if you are injured or become ill, we can contact your parents.   Change of Detail  Forms are available at the Student Desk in the Office.  You  need to collect one for your parent/guardian to complete when:
  1. your address or phone number changes
  2. when your parent/guardian’s work details change
  3. when your emergency contacts change
Hint: It is a good idea to learn or at least keep your parents work and mobile phone numbers on you.

Emergency phone numbers

It is imperative the school has emergency contact phone numbers for your child in cases of illness or injury.  Please ensure our records are current and we have several emergency contacts who are available to collect your student from the school in case of illness or injury.

For parents:

Bell times

Years 7-12

A warning bell rings at 8.35am.  Students must move to their form room at this time.  At 8.40am bell rings for the beginning of form class where rolls are marked and important information is given.  At 8.50am students leave form class for their first lesson.   School finishes at 2.40pm.


Morning Tea is 11.10 to 11.40am.  Lunch is 12.50 to 1.30pm.


Periods 1 & 2 before morning tea.  Periods 3 between morning tea and lunch.  Period 4 after lunch.

Identification cards

New ID Cards are issued in grades 7 and 11.  Students enrolling later in the year need to have their photographs taken at the Resource Hire Office located at the end of the Resource Centre.  If you lose your ID, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. This is done by paying the replacement cost ($6) at the Cashier’s Window and you will be issued with a receipt.  Take the Receipt to the Resource Hire Office located in the Resource Centre (Library) where your photo will be taken. 

Lost property

For lost clothing, hats etc., there is a lost property box in the Uniform Shop.  For lost valuables like wallets and watches, students should enquire at the Student Desk in the Office

Change of subjects

There may be an occasion when a Student needs to change a subject.  This is done by collecting a Change of Subject form from the Student Desk and following the steps on it.  This will entail making an appointment with the Guidance Officer, parents will need to sign the form which is then handed into the Student Desk. 


Appointments for the following people can be made at the Student Desk:
  1. Guidance Officer
  2. School Nurse
  3. Youth Support Co-ordinator
Appointments for the Chaplain can be made at the Chaplain’s Office during break.


The Home Courier is sent home via email each fortnight. Families are required to register their request at the school office to receive their e-Newsletter. This service is free of charge. A small number of paper copies are made available at the student desk at Administration. Our newsletter can also be accessed via download from the internet.


Students should keep wallets, purses etc. on them.  Valuables should not be left in schoolbags which will be left outside classrooms.  It is best not to bring expensive ‘name brand’ items to school.

Banned items

Aerosols, beanies, water pistols & water bombs, lighters, matches, Discman's, Walkman's, electronic games, knives, permanent marker pens, white-out, metal rulers, laser pointers are banned.  It is suggested that mobile phones NOT be brought to school, due to the high risk they pose for loss or damage.  Mobile phones must be switched OFF and placed in bags during class-time.  Any phones brought to school are the student’s responsibility and investigations into loss or theft can NOT happen due to the number of phones involved (see policy)

Accessing teachers

Parents are encouraged to contact the classroom teachers of their children. Standard procedures include phoning the school and leaving a return phone number, contacting the year level co-ordinator or Deputy Principal to facilitate communication.  Many parents are now using email to contact teachers. Twice a year, usually late Term 1 and early Term 3, this school conducts parent/teacher nights by appointment.


Only medication prescribed by a medical practitioner can be administered  at school. If you need to take any medication during school hours, it should be left in the Office.  A Medication Form must be completed by your Guardian and these are available from the Office.  New Medication Forms must be completed each year for long term medication


Staff are not permitted to issue paracetamol to students.  If a student is prescribed Panadol by your Doctor then parents must supply the Panadol and a signed medication form to the Office.


It is a condition for the enrolment of your student that parents and students respect our school’s uniform policy.  This school is a uniform school and the wearing of the correct uniform is checked daily by all staff.  Details of our uniform policy are available.  In particular, winter months seem to cause problems with the wearing of multi-coloured jumpers.  We ask you to support us in our endeavours to set standards for your children that are very common in most work placements.
Students must report to H1 before school with a note of explanation from their family. Persistent non-compliance will result in a student losing the right to participate in the school's extra-curricula program. This includes interschool sport, Arts , Agriculture and Hospitality Programs. As per the Education Act students will be issued a detention for non -compliance.​