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Library/ILC Area (Independent Learning Centre)

Library/ILC Area (Independent Learning Centre)
Library opens each day at 8.00am for students to Study, for Quiet Reading, to play Board Games, Craft Activities, Distance Education and Computer Access.
Library/ILC Area (Independent Learning Centre) Open Hours
08:00am until 08:30am the School bell will ring at 08.30am for students to leave and prepare for Form Class and the rest of the day.
11:10am until 11:40am Morning Tea the School bell will ring at 11.35am for students to leave and prepare for Period 3.
12:40pm until 13:30pm The School bell will ring at 13.25pm for students to leave and prepare for Period 4.
Homework Club
Every Tuesday after school from 14:40pm until 16:00pm
Library/ILC Area (Independent Learning Centre)
During school hours this area is used for Year 11 & Year 12 Spare Lesson Supervision, First Aid, Late Passes, Attendance Information, hand in Absence Letters or Medical Certificate/s, Media/PR Information Centre, Loan Uniform Bank, SRS Information Centre and Text Book Collection or Drop Off.
Library/ILC Area (Independent Learning Centre)
Any behaviour which hinders or prevents others learning; threatens or endangers personal safety; or damages resources, furniture or fittings is unacceptable.
The Resource Centre provides a space for the pursuit of study; research and quiet relaxation.  As such, the rights of all patrons to do so must be respected.