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Enrolling at our school

Enrolment Process

Enrolment packs can be downloaded and completed or collected in person from the school office.

Once all documents are completed, these, along with the student's birth certificate and or passport; , they need to be returned to the school office weekdays (excluding public holidays) between office hours.

For enrolment forms to be accepted, you must complete all forms within the package and supply a copy of the student's original birth certificate if born in Australia or if born outside Australia a passport, visa or citizenship papers. See 'What to bring to the interview?' for more information.

Dakabin State High School Enrolment Policy

Time Frame for Interviews and Commencement

To reflect the expectation that deputy principals should spend more time in classrooms observing and coaching teachers, enrolment interviews after week 2 of the school year will only be conducted on a Wednesday or Thursday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm during school hours. If these times are unsuitable for families then a reasonable time will be negotiated between the family and the administrator outside school hours. School Interviews will not be possible before 7.30 am or possible after 5.00 pm.

All interstate students will have their enrolment interview with the Guidance Officer.

To reflect and accomodate the administration time required to enter new student details, subject selections and the processing of school fees, all new students after week 2 of the school year will commence on a Monday. New students will be provided a school tour prior to attending their first class. Year 10, 11 and 12 students will be in full formal school uniform on their first day of school. Students will not commence school unless this expectation is met by the family. This is non-negotiable.

School Fees

Before commencing their enrolment at Dakabin State High School all new student enrolments will pay the full school fees based on their subject choices. This includes our IT levy, photocopying levy, consumable fees for certain subjects and other fees as described in our resource scheme information booklet. If a family chooses to join our scheme then hire fees are available for textbooks, resource books and other reading novels. A parent may choose to purchase their own texts independently and the school will provide a list of books for student learning relevant to their year level. Payment schedules are only available to direct debits from credit cards, private accounts or through Centrelink. No casual payment plans will be available until payment history is established by the school’s business manager. All financial arrangements will only proceed once a contract has been signed between the school and the family.

Re-enrolling students

Students previously enrolled at Dakabin State High School seeking re-enrolment will not receive an enrolment interview until all outstanding debts are paid to the school.

What to bring to the interview?

The following items will be brought to the enrolment interview and it is the family’s responsibility to organise the following:

  1. Most recent school semester report-card.
  2. If the student was not enrolled in a school for the previous semester then official copies of course enrolments or results and/or references from employees must be provided to the school. This will enable the school to determine what course of study could be provided to that student or what alternative outside school program would be available until the start of the next school year.
  3. The student’s birth certificate.
  4. Any court documents outlining custodial arrangements for divorced or separated parents. Without this both parents must be identified on the enrolment form at the commencement of an enrolment interview for access to student records as well as contact details in the case of an emergency situation.
  5. Please also take note of any prerequisite subject information (PDF, 5.8 MB) which may be required for children changing schools to enrol in Dakabin State High School.