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Subjects and programs


  • Agriculture

    Agricultural Science explores the way people manage natural resources such as plants and animals, climate, soils and water to meet their basic needs.

  • Ancient History

    The value of the study of history for all students lies in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. The study of history aids in the development of research and evaluation skills which can be broadly applied in future roles.

  • Biological Science

    Biological Science is a study of the natural systems. Students will study many kinds of plants and animals and their interactions with each other and non-living environments; as well as the internal workings of the body systems of animals and plants

  • Chemistry

    Senior Chemistry provides an understanding of the materials around us and why they behave as they do. It also provides a sound basis for further studies in Science.

  • Dance

    The course involves the study of Dance as an art form. Students experience a range of dance styles throughout the course, such as – contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, jive, etc.

  • Drama

    The senior drama program is designed to provide students with the required experiences necessary to enhance and develop the communicative process which is so crucial to people in professions.

  • Early Childhood Studies

    The Early Childhood course is a two year course of study designed to offer students the opportunity to develop knowledge, attitudes, and practice supportive of child development prior to compulsory schooling.

  • Earth and Environmental Science

    A study of Earth and Environmental Science enriches students’ lives by enabling them to understand, interpret, and appreciate the geological environment in which they live.

  • Engineering Studies

    A course of study in Engineering Studies comprises: · Introduction to the engineering industry · Safety in the engineering workplace · Drawing interpretation and setting out ...

  • English

    English requires students to conceptualise, imagine, appreciate, reflect, make decisions, hypothesise, speculate, experiment, analyse and evaluate...

  • English as an Alternative Language or Dialect

    Dakabin's English as an Alternative Language/Dialect (EAL/D) Unit offers high school English language learners a supportive and nurturing environment as the student improves language proficiency and transitions through their education.

  • English Communication

    The aim of English Communication is to develop students’ abilities to use and understand language as it relates to the workplace, matters of community, national and international interest and personal leisure and recreation.

  • Film, Television and New Media

    Film, Television and New Media provide the means by which we, as individuals within this society and culture, communicate. This subject provides an avenue into critiquing, analysing, creating and producing films, television shows and new media forms

  • Furnishing Studies

    A course of study in Furnishing Studies comprises: · Introduction to the furnishing industry · Safety in the furnishing workplace · Drawing interpretation and setting out ...

  • Graphics

    This course is for students wishing to enter trades or apprenticeships, or university in the fields of engineering, architecture, drafting. It develops graphical communication skills in technical drawings, plans and developing graphical concepts.

  • Health and Physical Education

    The Health and Physical Education school curriculum program at Dakabin is founded on a broadly based notion of health which encompasses the total well-being of the individual.

  • History

    History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that develops student’s curiosity and imagination.

  • Hospitality

    Hospitality has been designed to give students opportunities to appreciate and understand workplace culture and practices, and also engage them in examining the impact of social, cultural and environmental issues from a hospitality perspective

  • Industrial Technology and Design

    Students selecting Manual Arts/Industrial Technology will participate in construction challenges. The course will adopt a hands-on approach in producing products to find solutions to life-like and real problems.

  • Information and Communications Technology

    Information Processing & Technology is a course of study that provides students with knowledge, skills, processes and understanding of information technology.

  • Information Processing and Technology

    Computers are integral in today’s work, study and leisure. Students must know how to use them effectively, efficiently and ethically. Most social environments involve technology in some form for entertainment, educational and recreational purposes.

  • Japanese

    Our students of Japanese engage in a variety of learning experiences that incorporate developing their Comprehension and Composing skills as they learn more about the language.

  • Legal Studies

    This course aims to give students a broad understanding of the law, its operation and legal concepts.

  • Mathematics

    Dakabin students will learn to be confident problem solvers which will help them in all areas of the curriculum and with ventures after Year 12.

  • Mathematics A

    In Mathematics A, the skills needed to make decisions, which affect students’ everyday lives are provided.

  • Mathematics B

    In Mathematics B, advanced mathematical skills are developed which form the basis for further study in mathematics.

  • Mathematics C

    In Mathematics C, students are given the opportunity to develop their full mathematical potential and extend the knowledge acquired in Mathematics B.

  • Modern History

    Studying Modern History can help us live as global citizens. Through the study of Modern History, we can understand why our modern world is the way it is.

  • Music

    Music as a subject encourages students to explore their creativity while also developing their ability to analyse and evaluate

  • Physics

    Physics lies at the base of all scientific knowledge. Our new program stresses a more practical and investigative approach to Physics, but it is still a subject that requires a strong mathematical grounding.

  • Pre-vocational Mathematics

    Prevocational Mathematics provides opportunities for students to improve their numeracy to assist them in pursuing a range of vocational and personal goals

  • Recreational Studies

    Recreation provides students with an opportunity to participate in physical activity, while developing skills necessary for and beneficial to a physically active life.

  • Science

    Science provides a way of answering important questions about the biological, physical and technological world.

  • Social Science

    History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that develops student’s curiosity and imagination.

  • Studies of Society and Environment

    The Social and Community Studies SAS deals with the skills students need to function efficiently and positively in current and future life roles.

  • Visual Art

    Visual Art is a powerful and pervasive means of communication. The Visual Art program is designed to encourage students to visually explore ideas, artworks, history, ways of making and understanding artworks