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Industrial Technology and Design

Junior Secondary - 7, 8, 9, 10
Industrial Technology and Design
Industrial Technology and Design provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about tools, equipment, materials and the design process. The student is provided with instruction and demonstrations and then supervised while they follow safe working guidelines in the manufacture of various projects. There is generally an opportunity to
apply the design process and incorporate their own ideas into their projects.
There is something quite unique and gratifying about the successful construction of a project and the experience of working with tactile materials.
Senior Secondary - 11 & 12
This strand offers students the opportunity to develop work, life and/or leisure skills integrating the study area core of manufacturing, safety and technological processes within the selected units of study.
The flexibility of this course is intended to allow students to gain some knowledge and skills in a number of different industry areas, rather than focus on one area. This will allow students to develop a suitable range of processes or skills.
It is intended that the school will form partnerships with local industries so that students are exposed to employment opportunities and the latest in relevant manufacturing technologies.
The key elements covered in the course of study for Industrial Technology Studies will be two units of work from the following industry-specific strands of study, offering a good cross section of learning experiences to the students.
The strands and the units of study are namely:
Semester 1
Building Construction units:-
Indoor construction
Outdoor construction
Semester 2
Building Construction units:-
Indoor construction
Outdoor construction
Semester 3
Plastics units:-
Thermoplastic fabrication
Thermosetting plastics
Semester 4
Engineering units:-
Cutting and joining materials