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Health and Physical Education

Dakabin State High School acknowledges the importance of health and regular physical activity for young adults. The Health and Physical Education school curriculum program is founded on a broadly based notion of health which encompasses the total well-being of the individual. It is concerned with providing students with knowledge of their bodies and fostering the attitudes that will empower students to adopt healthy lifestyles and display increasing responsibility for their decisions concerning their own lifestyles and the development of optimal health.
It is also important that students are able to make informed, rational decisions as to their involvement in those skilful physical activities that comprise a significant aspect of Australian and other cultures. It is intended that the areas offered will provide students with opportunities to develop the skills needed for continued involvement in physical activity, at a time when valuable use of leisure time is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, students will learn how to improve their own performance in physical activities and to appreciate the cultural views and ethics that are evident in them.

Junior Secondary - 7, 8, 9

Health and Physical Education
The Years 1 – 10 Health and Physical Education key learning areas reflects the dynamic and multi-dimensional nature of health and recognises the significance of physical activity int eh lives of individuals and groups in contemporary Australian society.
Key Learning area offers students opportunities to develop knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes necessary for making informed decisions about:
  • Promoting the health of individuals and communities;
  • Developing concepts and skills for physical activity;
  • Enhancing personal development.
Active engagement in physical activity is a major emphasis in the key learning area. This emphasis recognises that participation in physical activity promotes health and acknowledges the unique role of physical activity as a medium for
Basketball Excellence Program (Year 9 and 10)
Students study elements of basketball both on and off the court. The Subject involves two on court training sessions per week and one theory lesson. Topics covered include, the history of basketball, Basketball nutrition, injury prevention and Basketball management.
Students undergo a selection process consisting of a try out and training session as well as an interview. Students must be demonstrating at least satisfactory for effort and behaviour in their subjects with nothing lower than a D academically.
The basketball program looks to improve overall student outcomes and health and fitness. Furthermore the Academy will focus on the development of personal and social values such as commitment, and perseverance whilst learning to compete. The Academy provides future pathways into a certificate 3 course in sports and recreation coaching for grade 11 and 12.
Students have access to external competitions and tournaments. These will incur extra cost. Individual training sessions are also available before and after school for academy students at no extra charge.
In Senior Secondary, Health and Physical Education splits into Physical Education, Recreation Studies, and two certificate courses.
Senior Secondary - 11 & 12
Physical Education is offered as an elective unit with a time allocation of six periods per week and is an Authority subject.
Physical Education in the senior school context involves the study of physical activity and engages students as intelligent performers, learning in, about, and through physical activity.
Intelligent performance involves rational and creative thought at a high level of cognitive functioning and engages students not only as performers but also as analysts, planners and critics in, about and through physical activity.