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Earth and Environmental Science

Senior Secondary - 11 & 12
A study of Earth and Environmental Science enriches students’ lives by enabling them to understand, interpret, and appreciate the geological environment in which they live. The subject aims to equip students to be aware of how the impacts of natural geological hazards such as landslides, volcanic activity, tsunami, earthquakes, and beach erosion can be minimised. It allows them to appreciate, furthermore, that as humans interact with the environment, knowledge of earth science is crucial in the planning of buildings, highways, dams, harbours, and canals.
All earth materials, including minerals, fossil fuels, soils, water, and building materials, are developed and managed by knowledge of earth science. It is becoming increasingly urgent to solve environmental problems such as global warming, ozone holes, resource depletion and the disposal of hazardous wastes in a geologically responsible way. Humans must therefore look to the future to determine how science, in conjunction with ethics, economics, and politics, can contribute to solutions and promote ecologically sustainable development. The interdisciplinary scientific basis and environmental context of this subject are invaluable in assisting students to contribute to these debates and decisions as informed and responsible citizens.