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​ Junior Secondary - 7 & 8

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts, students work in a safe, supportive, challenging environment in order to create and present drama, while responding in written format to a range of dramatic works. The focus for Performing Arts in Junior Secondary is on the key learning area of Drama. Other Performing Arts subjects such as Dance are offered as an elective from Year 9, with Film and Media and Music offered from Year 10.
In Junior Secondary, Drama students will complete a term of improvisation and a term of scripted drama. Improvisation teaches students the skills to create dramatic works on the spot with the focus on giving them the confidence to think and act spontaneously. Students engage readily with this unit and enjoy the opportunity to bring the popular television show “Thank God You’re Here” into the Dakabin classroom. Scripted drama allows students to engage with a range of texts, particularly published play texts, with assessment based upon a student’s ability to break down these texts and take on character roles within a polished performance.
Assessment dimension involve students creating and shaping drama to express meaning for the purpose of both education and entertainment. They will present art works to a particular audience for a specific purpose, style and
function. Students will respond in written format by deconstructing art works while also reflecting on learning by applying new understandings and justifying future applications. Drama is a popular subject across all year levels. It is a practical subject which aids in the development of team skills, confidence and public speaking while being fun and engaging for all participants.
Drama (Year 9 & 10)
In Drama, students work in a safe, supportive and intellectually challenging environment to make decisions about arts elements, languages and cultural protocols in relation to specific style, function, audience and purpose of arts works. They are supported to create and shape arts works by manipulating arts elements to express meaning in different contexts. Students present arts works to particular audiences for a specific purpose, style and function, using genre specific arts techniques, skills, processes and cultural protocols.
They respond by deconstructing arts works in relation to social, cultural, historical, spiritual, political, technological and economic contexts, using arts elements and languages. Students will reflect on learning, apply new understandings and justify future applications. This course also supports personal growth, positive peer relationships and the development of self-confidence.


Senior Secondary - 11 & 12

The senior drama program is designed to provide students with the required experiences necessary to enhance and develop the communicative process which is so crucial to people in professions such as law, medicine, politics, administration, teaching, public relations as well as the more obvious performing arts fields.  
New work program under construction – suggested units and assessment to be confirmed.
This is a two year course offered to Year 11 students. It is a subject designed to cater for students wishing to take a practical, hands-on pathway through their senior schooling. A student entering this course would be expected to show commitment to team work, organisation, responsibility and self-discipline, through the technical aspect of stage and theatre production and through some performance opportunities. This is not an Authority Subject and will not contribute to an O.P.