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Curriculum Offerings

​Students in Years 11 and 12 are able to study a wide range and variety of subjects. Subject choices – determined in Year 10 – will be determined by a student’s intended future pathway.

Authority subjects

These subjects, approved by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA), are chosen by students wishing to continue on to tertiary study. Achievements in these subjects are recorded on the senior statement, and are used in the awarding of credits for the QCE, and the calculation of OPs and selection ranks. Students who do not achieve Sound Achievement or better in a Year 10 subject may find related Authority subjects in Years 11 and 12 extremely difficult.

Authority-registered subjects

Authority-registered subjects are those based on QSA-developed Study Area Specifications. Achievements in these subjects are recorded on the Senior Statement, and are used in awarding credit for the QCE. They do not contribute to the calculation of an OP but may be used in the calculation of a tertiary selection rank. Authority-registered subjects emphasise practical skills and knowledge relevant to specific industries.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Qualifications

Student achievement in accredited vocational education qualifications is based on industry-endorsed competency standards and is recorded on the Senior Statement. This may give advanced standing towards a traineeship or apprenticeship and/or credit on entry to courses at TAFE institutes and other registered training organisations. Successful completion of a vocational certificate contributes credit towards the QCE. Some VET qualifications require the mandatory completion of Structured Workplace Learning (see specific subject information on faculty pages for details).

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

Dakabin SHS Work Placement Policy
Students studying any course that requires a work placement will do structured workplace learning (SWL) on a nominated day / days.
Vocational subjects offered by Dakabin State High School may have course requirements for work placement or work experience at a specified time during the course. Duration and other requirements of placement will be covered during the qualification induction performed by the faculty staff at the commencement of the course.
Students participating in a work placement must attend their workplace as per contractual arrangements. Students must have contractual arrangements finalised no later than one week prior to their work placement / work experience.  Students who do not meet this deadline will have their placement cancelled. Students are strictly forbidden from attending a work placement / work experience without a contract of insurance completed.  Students must approach relevant teachers to get all work they may have missed while attending their work placement.
If students are unable to attend work due to illness they must contact their employer either before the day of work or before their normal starting time on the day they are absent, and then immediately notify the school. Students must bring an explanatory note from their parents to school on the next day of attendance.
Students must ensure their log books are signed by their employer on the day of workplace attendance.  On their return to school, students are required to present their log books to their class teacher.
Students should be mindful at all times of the employers’ voluntary support of the school. They must therefore dress and behave in a manner reflective of school, community and workplace standards. As many employers rely on customer relations, students must be courteous, respectful and polite at all times.
Students enrolled in a vocational subject for which work placement/work experience is a mandatory component, and who do not participate in the work placement or do not find a place of employment in the designated time frame, will not be able to complete the certificate course and therefore will not be eligible for all QCE Credits. They may also be asked to choose other subjects.
All students commencing studies in a vocational subject for which work placement/work experience is a mandatory component will participate in an induction program. At the commencement of the program, teachers will induct students on Workplace Health and Safety, Harassment & Discrimination issues.
Employers must be notified by the student (in advance) if the student has an exam on any of the contracted days of work placement and therefore cannot attend work. During block exam period, students who have no exams on the day of employment must attend work placement.
Work Placement Charge
Work Placements are organised by an outside agency – Sustainable Partnerships Australia (SPA) [formerly known as Queensland Youth Industry Links Inc. (QYIL)] and coordinated at school through the Senior Schooling office at a charge (in 2014) of $50 per placement. There will be a charge of $25 per placement if a student sources their own placement. Upon completion of SWL Registration Forms, students will be invoiced. Payment is due to the Cashier prior to placements being organised.  In the event that a student fails to fulfil the requirements of their SWL, this charge is non-refundable. Please also note that if the placement has been arranged according to the student’s registration form and it is cancelled by the student, an additional cancellation fee of $30 will be invoiced to the student. This is SPA policy.
Students enrolled in a Vocational subject for which SWL is a mandatory and assessable component, and who do not participate in the work placement, are at risk of being unable to successfully complete the qualification and may be asked to choose another subject. They will also be referred to the HOD of the faculty and be sanctioned in accordance to the school’s assessment policy.
Insurance cover extends to a maximum of 30 days of work placement per calendar year excluding students from the special education unit.