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Our junior and senior phases of learning are delivered through a curriculum structure that sets the number of subjects and teachers a student has every semester to a maximum of eight (8) in the junior and a maximum of six in the senior phase of learning.
Our curriculum Initiatives will focus on allowing all students to make progress and learn in the following areas:
  1. To be critical thinkers and problem-solvers who can apply their learning to real life situations
  2. To have the competence and confidence to express themselves within a range of global environmental issues
  3. To gain caring, respect and appreciation of self, others, the environment and environmental issues
  4. To develop the capacity to work in a cooperative and collaborative way, as well as self-motivated and self-directed ways
  5. To enjoy learning
  6. To be able to locate, use resources (human and non-human) to achieve set goals
  7. To gain cross-cultural awareness and to be open to new experiences
  8. To apply and adapt knowledge across a range of learning areas
  9. To make a contribution as a member of the wider community.